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The Vysočina Region has an advantageous central location not only within the Czech Republic, but
also in the whole of Europe. The D1 motorway, the E59 road and the Vysočina railway corridor offer the
opportunity to reach important European transport hubs and major cities quickly. The closest airport,
Brno Tuřany, can be reached by car from most of the towns in the Region in one to two hours, and the
Prague Ruzyně International Airport can be reached in two hours. Vienna International Airport is 2.5
hours away. The territory of the Vysočina Region is administratively divided into five Districts.

Vysočina Regional Offi ce – www.kr-vysocina.cz
Jihlava Municipal Council – www.jihlava.cz
Regional Chamber of Commerce – www.hkjihlava.cz
Vysočina Regional Development Agency – www.rrav.cz

Full article you can find: https://issuu.com/ppagency/docs/db_aj_2015_web/107