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Central Bohemia

With its geographical position in the central part of the Czech Republic, the Central Bohemia Region
forms a ring around the territory of the capital city of Prague, which is its only internal border. A specific
feature of the Region within the regional system is the fact that, within its centre, it encloses the capital,
which is a separate region. The Central Bohemia Region does not contain its regional city and the Region’s
administrative centre does not lie within the territory of the Region. Together with the capital of Prague,
the Region forms a natural agglomeration linked together economically, historically, and culturally.

Useful Contacts:

Krajský úřad Středočeského kraje, Central Bohemia Regional Office, www.kr-stredocesky.cz
Central Bohemia Region – European Office, www.stredocech-eu.cz/
Krajská hospodářská komora Střední Čechy (Central Bohemian Regional Chamber of Commerce), www.khkstrednicechy.cz

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