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The Liberec Region, situated at the northern tip of the Czech Republic and bounded by a 20-km long stretch of frontier with
Germany and a 130-km stretch with Poland, has easy access to the large industrial and administrative centres, Prague and
Dresden, Germany, with developing links to the main European transport lines of Berlin–Prague–Vienna (Multimodal Corridor IV)
and Leipzig–Dresden–Wroclaw (Multimodal Corridor IIIA).

Liberec Region – www.kraj-lbc.cz
Liberec Regional Offi ce – www.liberec.cz
Liberec Regional Chamber of Commerce – www.khkliberec.cz
Technical University of Liberec – www.tul.cz

Full article you can find: https://issuu.com/ppagency/docs/db_aj_2015_web/101