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Karlovy Vary

The Karlovy Vary Region is one of the smallest regions of the Czech Republic in both area and population.
Its geographic position, distant from the centre, makes it a periphery. However, thanks to this, the
Region is open to foreign countries, especially Germany. The Karlovy Vary Region thus records the second
highest number of resident or employed foreigners after Prague.

Karlovy Vary Regional Authority – www.kr-karlovarsky.cz
Regional Chamber of Commerce for the Poohří Area – www.rhkpoohri.cz
Internet portal for investors in the Region of Karlovy Vary – www.karlovyvary-region.eu
District Chamber of Commerce in Cheb – support for entrepreneurial activities – www.ohkcheb.cz
City Authority of Karlovy Vary – www.mmkv.cz

Full article you can find: https://issuu.com/ppagency/docs/db_aj_2015_web/95