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The Olomouc Region stretches along the River Morava. The Region itself consists of five Districts: Jeseník,
Olomouc, Prostějov, Přerov, and Šumperk. The Region’s administrative centre is the city of Olomouc
situated 275 km from the capital, Prague. The Olomouc Region has a rich cultural tradition and is an
important tourist centre with a large number of historical sites and unique natural features.

Olomouc Regional Offi ce – www.kr-olomoucky.cz
Olomouc land price maps and other information for businessmen, including information about industrial parks – www.olomoucko.cz
Science and Technology Park, Palacký University, including information about the Business Incubator – www.vtpup.cz
Czech Nanotechnology Cluster – www.nanoklastr.cz

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