Whatever You Need to Know about Doing Business

in the Czech Republic

Hradec Králové Region

The Hradec Králové Region is situated in the North-East of Bohemia. More than one-third of its boundary,
a stretch of about 208 km, forms the Czech Republic’s state frontier with Poland. The Region consists of
five Districts – Hradec Králové, Jičín, Náchod, Rychnov nad Kněžnou and Trutnov.

Regional Offi ce of the Hradec Králové Region – www.kr-kralovehradecky.cz
Hradec Králové Technological Centre – www.tchk.cz
University of Hradec Králové – www.uhk.cz
Regional Development Agency of the Hradec Králové Region – www.cep-rra.cz
Regional Chamber of Commerce – North-East Bohemia – www.rhkhradec.cz
Hradec Králové City Authority – www.hradeckralove.org
Glacensis Euroregion – www.euro-glacensis.cz

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