Whatever You Need to Know about Doing Business

in the Czech Republic


PP Agency helps Czech companies to establish themselves in foreign markets and supports the development of trade between the Czech Republic and foreign countries. In more than 20-year work we have become leaders in the Czech pro-export publishing market. Foreign companies are provided with unique surveys of the economic situation in the Czech Republic, up-to-date branch analyses, information on investment opportunities and data for contacting Czech companies which wish to establish trade relations with partners abroad.
Our main partners with whom we work together are
  • The Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • CzechTrade
  • CzechInvest
  • CzechTourism
  • Centre for Regional Development of the Czech Republic
  • Czech Centres
  • Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic
  • Czech Chamber of Commerce

The main projects of PP Agency

Printed projects: 

Electronic projects:

  • information server www.doingbusiness.cz - an important source of information about the economic environment in the Czech Republic