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The Ministry for Regional Development is a central government authority of the Czech Republic in the matters of regional and housing policy, spatial planning, building rules, public investment and tourism. In addition to the above the Ministry for Regional Development administers financial means intended for the development of regions, housing stock and tourism in the Czech Republic.


The Ministry also realises regional and structural policy of the European Union, the so-called policy of economic and social cohesion. With the assistance of funding, it stimulates the development of weaker regions so that they do not lag behind the European average. These objectives are fulfilled in practice with help from structural funds.


The Ministry for Regional Development – the National Coordination Authority provides a single framework for all operational programmes in the Czech Republic financed from Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund. The management of individual operational programmes is the sphere of authority of relevant resort ministries. Apart from its national coordination role, the Ministry for Regional Development also functions as the direct governing body responsible for their successful drawing.


Ministerstvo pro místní rozvoj

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